Useful Tips for Shipping a Car Overseas Smoothly

Useful Tips for Shipping a Car Overseas Smoothly

When you move to a new country and need to have your car with you there are many things you need to know about the shipping process and how to prepare your car for overseas transport.  Here are some tips to help ensure your overseas car shipping goes smoothly:

  1. Thoroughly clean your car out prior to being loaded onto the transport vessel
  2. Disable your car alarm prior to shipping
  3. Remove all personal belongings unless using container shipping
  4. Complete a thorough car inspection on your own as well as with the transporter right before your car is loaded for transport
  5. Check all of your fluids to ensure they are full as well as your battery to make sure it is charged
  6. Remove anything from the car exterior that may be loose and chance falling off during transport
  7. Take time/date stamped pictures or videos of any exterior damage prior to shipping. If there is no damage be sure you have that recorded as well
  8. Drain fuel down to no more than a quarter tank unless instructed to drain completely
  9. Make sure you have all paperwork and documents ready for customs officials when the car arrives

You will need to speak to your overseas car shipping agent for details on insurance coverage that is included during shipment and will need to find out what specific customs fees and taxes you will be responsible to pay when your car arrives in the new country. Fees and taxes vary by country. You will need to plan your travel with the shipping schedule. Most shipping companies only travel weekly and your schedule will need to be adjusted accordingly to be able to meet the car when it reaches the entry port. You also need to see how far the entry port is from your new home in the country. If it is a long distance you may want to make arrangements to have your car picked up and delivered to you. The more you know about the country you are travelling to and the customs laws pertaining to your car the smoother the shipping will go.

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